Full FLat -theme for firefox-

"Full Flat" is very simple theme for Firefox2.0 & Firefox3.0.

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Full Flat2.0 is very simple theme for Firefox2.0.And, this theme is compact, so you can save toolbar space. Latest information is in  This site (Japanese)

The themes in this site is developer version. You can download stable version from Firefox Add-ons .(Full Flat3.0 / Full Flat2.0)

full flat

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■ Full Flat Series
Full Flat has these various type.
Full Flat2.0 Theme for Firefox2.0.0.*
Full Flat3.0 Theme for Firefox3.*
Full Flat System Black 3.0 Theme for user using dark system color
Full Flat Absolute Black 3.0 Dark Color version
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How to use

1.Download from forrowing link

2.Drag and Drop downloaded .jar file in Add on manager

3.Restart Firefox


Full Flat3.6

Full Flat3.5(2010/01/22) (Latest)

Full Flat3.5

Full Flat3.5(2009/08/09)


Full Flat3.0

Full Flat3.0b2.1 (2008/05/21)

Full Flat3.0b2.0 (2008/05/09)

Full Flat3.0b1.8 (2008/04/14)

Full Flat3.0b1.7 (2008/04/09)

Full Flat3.0b1.6 (2008/04/07)

Full Flat3.0b1.5 (2008/04/05)

Full_Flat3.0b1.4 (2008/03/29)

Full_Flat3.0b1.3 (2008/03/28)

Full_Flat3.0b1.2 (2008/03/26)

Full_Flat3.0b1.1 (2008/03/25)

Full_Flat3.0b1.0 (2008/03/22)


Full Flat System Black 3.0

Full Flat_System_Black3.0b1.8.1 (2008/04/14) (Latest)

Full Flat_System_Black3.0b1.7.1 (2008/04/10)


Full Flat Absolute Black 3.0

Full Flat_Absolute_Black3.0b1.8.1 (2008/04/14) (Latest)


Full Flat2.0

Full Flat2.0b1.1 (2008/04/07) (latest)

Full Flat2.0b1.0 (2008/04/05)


 Adblock plus

 BBS 2ch Reader

 Compact Menu2

 Googlebar Lite

 Mouse Gestures

 Mr.Tech Local Install


 Tabmix Plus

 Google Toolbar (Full Flat2 .0.0.* only)

 Firefox Showcase



Full Flat3.5

 Update for Firefox 3.5


Full Flat3.0

Full Flat3.0 b2.1 (2008/05/21)

 Correspond Firefox3 RC1

 Make Places icons

 Adjust Bookmark manager 

 Delete Tree Line (same as Default Theme)

 Make  each board's icon of BBS2ch Reader

 Adjust Notification box in Addon manager

 Full Flatnize(?) spin button (Change spin button to Full Flat format)

 Full Flatnize treecols

 Change  button of active status

 Change background-color of URL bar and Search bar

 Delete border in tabbrowsertabs

 Change minVersion from 3.0 a1 to 3.0b3


Full Flat3.0 b2.0 (2008/05/09)

 Change all of icons

 Change border line color from system color to fix

 Change progress meter

 Change left side box icon in menu popup

 Change opacity of unfocused tab

 Adjust margin of menu popup icon

 Change image of full flat in Add on menu


Full Flat 3.0 b1.8 (2008/04/14)

 Change background color of option 

 Change background color of add on menu

 Change background color of PageInfo 

 Correspond firefox Showcase


Full Flat 3.0 b1.7 (2008/04/09)

 Adjust margin boookmark toolbar folder margin(hover)


Full Flat 3.0 b1.6 (2008/04/07)

 Adjust toolbar icon

 Change URL bar height

 Change bookmark and feed icon

 Adjust margin and padding in bookmark tool bar


Full Flat3.0 b1.5 (2008/04/05)

 Correspond Firefox3.0b5

 Change all icon

 Change logo mark

 Adjust tab size(browser/browser.css)

 Adjust all-tabs

 Adjust allow scroll bar


Full Flat3.0 b1.4 (2008/03/29)

 Display indicator in popup menu (/global/menu.css)

 Change bookmark folder icon in menu bar(/browser/browser.css)


Full Flat3.0 b1.3 (2008/03/28)

 Display bookmark folder icon in bookmark toolbar

 :Adjust dropmarker in back-foward button

 Adjust border line in sidebar

 Adjust border line in sidebar of bbs2chreader

 Correspond GoogleBar Lite


Full Flat3.0 b1.2 (2008/03/26)

 Make Console2 icon

 Correct css errors

 Change arrange in /global/add-ons


Full Flat3.0 b1.1 (2008/03/25)

 Correspond Tabmix Plus

 Correspond Mr Tech Loacl Install

 Correspond Adblock Plus

 Adjust Tab height

 Change all tabs button and arrow scroll bar for Tabmix plus

 Adjust Toolbar height

Full Flat2.0

Full Flat 2.0 b1.1

 Adjust URL bar

 Add dropmarker left side border in url bar

 Adjust toolbar icons

 Adjust bookmark toolbar

 Display border around toolbar button




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